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The Sig.Num pad

The Sig.Num pad is equipped with an embedded array of capacitive sensors that can be adapted to mattresses, chairs or any flat surfaces.

Patients only need to lay on the sensor area. In less than 1 minute, a proprietary algorithm will select from an array of sensors and provide a pristine high quality ECG tracing equivalent to any medical ECG acquisition equipment. The intelligent algorithm tracks and adapts to patient position changes from the back or the side in real time and continue providing a pristine signal both for the short and long term.

The key advantages of the system are

The Sig.Num system is an innovative proprietary technology designed to capture ECG in a seamless manner.

ECG tracings can be acquired in less than 1 minute

No need to glue electrodes to the patients

No intervention of a trained healthcare professional

ECG signal can be acquired through 1 or 2 thin layers of tissue

Ability to adapt the system to capture long term ECG

Technical features

Up to 6 traditional leads and 3 custom precordials leads

Interfaces with existing hospital ECG monitoring and display medical equipment or custom iPad application

Standard 12 lead ECG connectivity to the Sig.Num technology

Adaptable to computers, tablets or smart phones, via ethernet or wifi

Technical features
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